Nitrates/Nitrites Contamination in Drinking Water

Sources of Contamination

Human sewage, livestock manure, fertilizers and erosion of natural deposits. Homes using well water are far more susceptible to Nitrate and Nitrite contamination in their drinking water.

Potential Health Effects

Methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome). The most severe health effects are seen in infants under the age of 6 months.  Miscarriages are also a reported effect.

Treatment Methods

Point-of-Entry and Point-of-Use methods include Reverse Osmosis with thin film composite RO membrane, Anion Exchange, Nitrate “Selective” Anion Exchange resins, Distillation and Electrodialysis.  Reverse Osmosis is the most commonly used treatment method to remove Nitrates and Nitrites from drinking water.  New specialty water filters can also be used to remove nitrates and nitrites from your drinking water.


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Recycle your used water filters the easy way at


Recycle your used water filters the easy way at